Sermon Archive (Page 4)

Sermon Archive (Page 4)


We will explore those liminal spaces, occupying a position on both sides of a threshold, in which we sometimes find ourselves on life’s mysterious journey. Thresholds that are neither one reality or another, and yet may open a path to our deepest truths. Possibly even the sacred.

Flower Communion

Join us as we celebrate the Unitarian Universalist multi-generational tradition of “Flower Communion.” This year is the 100th anniversary and our choir has pulled out all the stops with a wonderful cantata!

What do you mean I can’t say that?!

Languages change, but what happens when you don’t know the “right” thing to say? We humans are learning how to be kind with our language, but at what point does being “correct” stifle freedom of speech and our own responsible search for truth and meaning? This topic was chosen by Alan and Gabrielle B. for the “sermon topic” at the Fall Auction.

Change is Good – You Go First!

Change brings risk and risk brings resistance. How do we trust the process of change? Or even make sure we have a good process? Rev. Sian tackles changes going on in our denomination, including Article II.

Earth Day, Again

On this Earth Day weekend, we examine some reasons to remain hopeful for our beautiful home planet. Wendy Karn, our incoming intern minister, is the guest speaker.

Who me?

Why is it that we humans often resist who we are called to be, and hide our light under a bushel? What is this spiritual resistance and how do we get past it? Rev. Sian explores this resistance in part with her own story.

Pay Up, Buttercup!

Reparations is a real hot button in our politics and culture these days. How in the world can modern societies make up for the atrocities of the past? Should they? Let’s explore these ideas together centered in love!