What does it mean to be both distanced and connected in the age of COVID-19? Rev. Sian with Rica Kaufel as Worship Associate and Steve Morihiro as Virtual Usher launched our first Sunday Service through Zoom.

Words to Live By

We are inundated with advice these days – from advertisers (“Just do it!”), to memes, to famous quotes we tack on the bottom of our email signatures. Which advice do we follow? What words do you live by?

Bravery and Justice

In this year of dissent and discourse, how do we find those qualities within ourselves to help better the world we live in? Are our Seven Principles enough to make the deep changes in ourselves and the world that needs to so desperately happen? This Sunday let us explore how we can become brave, how…

Groundhog Day

The annual tradition of Groundhog Day is a time when we look at the future as either one of hope or despair. When times are tough, how do we choose hope, despite the signs otherwise?

Where Do We Grow from Here?

We continue to be tasked with building the Beloved Community the great Dr. King envisioned: a society based on justice and love. A major part of this is dismantling white supremacy culture. But what do we actually mean when we say this? And, what can this look like on a daily basis?