To Catch a Thief

Many years ago, when he first found himself on a spiritual journey, Rev. James Ford heard a story from the Hindu tradition. It has lived with him ever since. Today, he’ll share his version of that story.

Music Sunday with Matt Meyer

Music Sunday, led by worship leader Matt Meyer. Matt has led worship for hundreds of UU congregations, traveling the country sharing a message of love and justice, through rhythm and song. Matt’s worship leading offers a dynamic experience of music’s enduring power to teach us about ourselves and each other. Engaging worship is about building…

Going Deep

It’s been said that being a Unitarian Universalist means you can “believe whatever you want.” Is that true? Let us go deeper into our faith this Sunday with an openness and curiosity and see what unfolds.

Question Box Sunday

It’s been said that Unitarian Universalists are not people of the “word” but people of the “question.” We love questions! On this Sunday, Rev. Sian will do her best to answer your questions – from theology, to ministry, to Unitarian Universalism and life in general. So, bring your questions and we will attempt to answer…

This Whole Earth

On this Earth Day and Easter, we are facing the possibility of a death, but also the hope of a resurrection of our beloved planet. — Rev. Sian Wiltshire at Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church in Costa Mesa, CA.

The Story of Who We Are

Tell me the story of who we are. The stories we tell – and those we don’t tell – shape who we are. So who are we, as a denomination? What stories do we tell? And how can we grow by adding new stories to our repertoire? Let us explore the stories we tell and…

Our Whole lives

“Our Whole Lives,” better known as OWL, is a sexuality training offered to Unitarian Universalists from children to adults. Today let’s explore what has changed and what still needs to change around sexuality in our culture. Please note that we may use some sexually explicit language in this service. — Rev. Sian Wiltshire