Sermon Archive

Sermon Archive

The X Card

Gaming communities are working on ways to be welcome to those not traditionally welcomed elsewhere. Find out what we can learn from them. Today we also welcome our two new Affiliated Ministers, Rev. Judy and Rev. Liz.

A Pandemic Retrospective Through Song

Our Director of Music Ministries, Beth Syverson, led an almost-all-music service that is a reflection of lessons that she and the church’s musicians have learned about music and life while trying to keep our music afloat during the pandemic.

Breathe and Push

How has our denomination and our nation changed in response to history’s events? And how do we meet today’s challenges? It’s a Brave New World.

Water Ceremony: Embracing Possibility

It’s our annual ingathering and water ceremony, when we celebrate this quintessential Unitarian Universalist annual ritual. This day we consider what possibilities will we embrace this coming year, as individuals and as a church.

Patience and Faith in the Betwixt and Between

Some of us live in liminal spaces all the time and have learned to navigate it beautifully. But for others, it can be a scary and anxiety provoking time. What can the Islamic spiritual concept of patience and faith teach us about the betwixt and between?

The Greatest Common Denominator

When meeting those unknown to us, those we deem ‘other,’ sometimes focusing on our perceived similarities, on the common ground we share, seems like the safest bet. But what if instead we took the leap and embraced each other’s differences? And how far can this embrace of difference go without putting our own values in question?

When Everything is a Gift

We live in a world where we often feel disconnected from nature, and yet our concern for the survival of the planet can sometimes become overwhelming. Can gratitude be a way for us to reconnect?