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Sermon Archive


Meditation has long been known to bring about both physical and mental health benefits. In this service, we explore the benefits, challenges and joys of meditation. Rev. Sian with the Meditation Group leaders.


In anti-racism work, some people suggest that we not center whiteness. What does that mean? And what would it mean to center around love instead?

At the Confluence of Religion, Philosophy and Science

We have suffered too long with the battle of Religion vs Philosophy vs Science. Akbar Hussaini, guest speaker, dreams of a world where the practitioners of these three disciplines work together and build upon each other for the accelerated progress of humanity.

Are You a UU?

What does it mean to be grounded in Unitarian Universalism as a faith tradition? Come explore some ideas with Rev. Sian about what and who we are as a faith tradition.

Fire Communion

Rev. Judy Tomlinson leads us in our annual Fire Communion, as we reflect in the space which marks the ending of 2022 and the start of 2023.

What a Wonderful World!

The OCUUC theme for December is “Wonder.” The Oxford Dictionary defines “wonder” as “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar or inexplicable.” Let’s take a deep dive into the meaning of wonder. Let’s explore some steps we can take to focus on wonder. As Louis Armstrong put it, “What a Wonderful World!” What can we do right now as UUs to help create this world?

Wonders of the Universe

The Webb Telescope is revolutionizing how we see the Universe and creating even more wonders that we ever imagined. Come join and gaze in wonder at the amazing Universe we are a part of!

Resilience and Remembrance

Honoring Resilience. On this day when we honor Transgender Day of Resilience and Remembrance, what has history and religion taught us about resilience – the good and the bad?