Just Us

We covenant to affirm and promote Justice, Equity and Compassion in human relations. One might ask, “Justice for whom?” This would be another difference from some, as our work for justice is for “just us,” … all of us, even for those with whom we might disagree. Difficult at times, but for us, essential

What Would Love Do?

We are living in trying, even dangerous times and hate crime has sky-rocketed in the past months. As we cope with this new reality and with all the restrictions of COVID 19, how can we make a positive difference? There is only one constructive response to difficult times, hatred, and restrictions and that is love.…

In Here

Our First Principle in Unitarian Universalism is, “We covenant to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person.” Together let’s take a look at what this means for us as individuals and a faith community. Please give some thought to whether this Principle offers you either comfort or is a challenge or…

What is Your Gift?

Jacque Nunez returned to our congregation to share lessons from her Acjachemen tribe. (Our church sits on Acjachemen land.) She shared stories, songs, and a homily about the yucca, an important plant native to our area. The yucca threads contain the best of who we are and our gifts. Collectively with other community threads, we…


What do Unitarian Universalists believe? This sermon explores the history of how our Principles came to be, how we understand them, how we may apply them to our lives and perhaps make it easier to answer our question!