Great Expectations

We all want great things to happen in our lives, in this church and in the world. How can we make these dreams happen together? Visit our YouTube channel or Facebook page to see the Capital Campaign presentation that followed the service.

…but it rhymes!

This sermon will look at the ways we find to keep making the same mistakes over and over again in our own lives, as well as in society at large, and suggest some alternatives with a better chance at success.

Back to Junior High

Oncology chaplain and popular guest speaker Michael Eselun will share some deeply personal reflections about junior high school – a pivotal and often painful time that leaves indelible memories for many of us. In dialogue with some of those 13-year-old’s perceptions, what might be discovered about inherent worth, dignity and compassion?

To Catch a Thief

Many years ago, when he first found himself on a spiritual journey, Rev. James Ford heard a story from the Hindu tradition. It has lived with him ever since. Today, he’ll share his version of that story.

Music Sunday with Matt Meyer

Music Sunday, led by worship leader Matt Meyer. Matt has led worship for hundreds of UU congregations, traveling the country sharing a message of love and justice, through rhythm and song. Matt’s worship leading offers a dynamic experience of music’s enduring power to teach us about ourselves and each other. Engaging worship is about building…

Going Deep

It’s been said that being a Unitarian Universalist means you can “believe whatever you want.” Is that true? Let us go deeper into our faith this Sunday with an openness and curiosity and see what unfolds.