Sermons by Rev. Rica Kaufel

Sermons by Rev. Rica Kaufel

Have a Merry Christmas, Martha!

Advent can be a busy time of preparation, caretaking, and maybe even worrying. Can we be festive without being stressed? And how can we call ourselves back into a moment of joy, contentment, and spiritual renewal?

The Greatest Common Denominator

When meeting those unknown to us, those we deem ‘other,’ sometimes focusing on our perceived similarities, on the common ground we share, seems like the safest bet. But what if instead we took the leap and embraced each other’s differences? And how far can this embrace of difference go without putting our own values in question?

When Everything is a Gift

We live in a world where we often feel disconnected from nature, and yet our concern for the survival of the planet can sometimes become overwhelming. Can gratitude be a way for us to reconnect?


Direct communication is hard, especially for those of us who are a bit conflict-avoidant. But can we build community without it? And what does this have to do with bananas?

We Hold These Truths

What does the best friend of Rev. Rica’s grandfather have to do with the 4th of July, and how can this help us to love this country even better? Find out in this sermon.
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Revolutionary Love: All Church Worship!

Join 6 other UU churches as we come together in worship! Experience musical contributions from six different congregations, including a combined virtual choir piece. The Music Directors have all collaborated to create a very special service. Camp de Benneville Pines is the recipient of the offertory. Please click here to contribute: