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Sermon Archive (Page 2)

The Truth Hurts, Falsehood Destroys

As we observed over the last year, a post-truth society is a pre-tyranny society. Without truth all liberal systems suffer: science, economics, democracy, and religion. Truth is strong but new technologies and siloed communities threaten to overwhelm truth with conspiracy theories and confirmation bias. Our world is facing an epistemological crisis. How do we know the truth?
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Side with Love

In support of Black History Month, let us look at the state of our culture and how we are doing to dismantle our white supremacy culture.
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Revolutionary Love: All Church Worship!

Join 6 other UU churches as we come together in worship! Experience musical contributions from six different congregations, including a combined virtual choir piece. The Music Directors have all collaborated to create a very special service. Camp de Benneville Pines is the recipient of the offertory. Please click here to contribute:
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We have a chance, when we all get back together again, to re-imagine church. What might our church look like in 2021 and beyond? We will also be inviting new members into the life of the congregation on this Sunday. Town Hall Meeting after the service to update everyone on the new sanctuary.
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Finding Your True North

How well does your inner GPS guide you to make decisions, large and small? Do you believe in a divinely ordained path for your life, or do you believe we each figure it all out on our own? Let’s look at discernment, and how we come to figure out what our true path is — and not just personally, but as a people, a community, a nation.

Fire Communion: A Transitions Reflection.

We will sit in the liminal transition space of the ending of 2020. There are many things from 2020 that we would like to let go of, personally and nationally. And, many things to look forward to in the New Year. Join us for a time of deep reflection.