Sermons by Beth Syverson

Sermons by Beth Syverson

Unraveling Adoption

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about adoption? Beth Syverson is an adoptive mom and an advocate for adoptees. She will explain the many shades of gray inherent in adoption and will explain why some of the popular cultural tropes around adoption can be harmful to adoptees. Besides Beth, you will also hear from adoptees themselves, both in word and in song. You will walk away more aware of the complexities of adoption, and…

Music Sunday: The Courage To Live Authentically

This service is our annual mostly-music service. This time around, it will lean toward a meditative type of musical experience. We will all participate in easy chants that will help us focus on our own journey toward authenticity. Orange Coast Choir will sing, and there will be some instrumental numbers as well. For those who are emotionally and spiritually moved by music, this service will be transformational.

A Pandemic Retrospective Through Song

Our Director of Music Ministries, Beth Syverson, led an almost-all-music service that is a reflection of lessons that she and the church’s musicians have learned about music and life while trying to keep our music afloat during the pandemic.

The Root Causes of Addiction

Beth Syverson shared her own journey with addiction, plus her son Joey and others from the church shared their stories as well. Beth helped us ponder the root causes of addiction, and suggested ways we as a community can help those who are affected by its pull. Their stories are full of hope for those suffering.

Water Communion

Traditionally, congregants bring a small amount of water from a special place. During the appointed time during the service, each person pours the water into a communal vessel and tells why this water is special to them. Due to the challenges of Covid-19, we will be guided through a virtual sharing and the symbolic blending of our faith coming from many different sources.

Joyful Noise

The Music Ministries presented a worship service on the topic of singing. Hear from congregants about the relationship of singing, experience lots of songs about singing, and hopefully, you will open the door to your own singing, just a little bit wider than before.

Biannual Music Sunday

Our biannual Music Sunday service was on March 29th. We had been planning an almost-all music service featuring our choir, small groups, and soloists, but now that we’re all Safer At Home, the choir and small group numbers will have to wait until another day. We still want to acknowledge major milestones in U.S. women’s history: the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment – giving women the right to vote – plus the women’s rights movement in the 60s and…

Our Stories

Jan Mabie reflects on her Air Force experience during Reagan’s witch-hunt against gays in the military. Beth Syverson talks about her and Jan’s marriage and the effort required to make it happen. Although we take joy in the fact that Unitarian Universalists are very accepting of LGBTQ people, and we are grateful that OCUUC is a Welcoming Congregation, we believe that hearing each others’ stories enriches all of us and helps us be more compassionate toward others who are different…
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