Sermons by Michael Eselun

Sermons by Michael Eselun

Face the Music and Dance

Popular guest speaker, and UCLA oncology chaplain, Michael Eselun will explore the dance we do between acceptance and self-compassion. If we reach for acceptance of our circumstances as a pathway to inner peace, what part does self-compassion play?


We will explore those liminal spaces, occupying a position on both sides of a threshold, in which we sometimes find ourselves on life’s mysterious journey. Thresholds that are neither one reality or another, and yet may open a path to our deepest truths. Possibly even the sacred.

Spiritual Report Cards

How many of us live our lives as if there will be a report card at the end of the term? What would constitute an “A” in your book, spiritually speaking? And does it matter? Oncology chaplain and popular guest speaker, Michael Eselun explores these questions.

What Matters

Moving together through these challenging times, we find ourselves, perhaps on a daily basis, reassessing our priorities.

Back to Junior High

Oncology chaplain and popular guest speaker Michael Eselun will share some deeply personal reflections about junior high school – a pivotal and often painful time that leaves indelible memories for many of us. In dialogue with some of those 13-year-old’s perceptions, what might be discovered about inherent worth, dignity and compassion?