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Visit us this Sunday at 10:30 am PDT. We want to get to know you.

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2845 Mesa Verde Drive East Costa Mesa, CA 92626

  • Sundays 10:30 am (in person/online)

  • (714) 55-OCUUC

New Sermons

The X Card

Gaming communities are working on ways to be welcome to those not traditionally welcomed elsewhere. Find out what we can learn from them. Today we also welcome our two new Affiliated Ministers, Rev. Judy and Rev. Liz.

New Blogs

October Sanctuary Update

As we get closer to the targeted date of early February 2022 when the demolition of the existing Suite 4 building is to take place, there are a number of tasks that are in need of completion. The construction committee continues to move forward on these requirements in collaboration with our architect, domusstudio. Most importantly we are awaiting feedback on the Development Review Plan submitted last month to the City of Costa Mesa Department of Development Services. Once feedback is…

The Hard-Working Volunteers

I want to highlight the many hard-working volunteers who have stepped up to make our hybrid services happen. I’m sure most people realize that it takes lots of extra energy – and volunteer hours – to create basically two services simultaneously – one on Zoom and one in Daniels Hall. Huge kudos go to Steve Morihiro, who did all the research to figure out how to make hybrid services work effectively, gathered all the extra equipment we needed (including miles of…

It’s Good to be Back

Tom and I had a wonderful trip around our country. 7374 miles, two hurricanes, one parent, two children and spouses, three grandchildren, four siblings and spouses, and many nieces, nephews, cousins and great friends later, we are back. All of it was a few at a time and as COVID safe as we could manage. My overriding impression is of a fantastically diverse and spectacularly beautiful country, and how lucky we are to be able to visit the people and see everything we…

A vision for our future, let’s make it happen


Many of us give of our time, many of us give of our resources, most of us do both. We are what we can do together.