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2845 Mesa Verde Drive East Costa Mesa, CA 92626

  • Sundays 10:30 am (in person/online)

  • (714) 55-OCUUC

New Sermons

Acceptance of One Another

How does a person grow if they don’t even know where to start? And how do we get past the judgements we have of one another and get to see the whole person, in all their beauty and roughness?

New Blogs

Enter, Rejoice and Come In

Orange Coast Choir is humming along now that we’re singing back in Daniels Hall. I’m so grateful to Steve Morihiro, Barbara Morihiro, and Sarah Hunter who kept the choir going in creative ways while I was away on my sabbatical. Now that we’re back in full swing, we are adding choir members, working on more challenging material, and improving our technique every week. It’s so much more rewarding to sing together in one room than to sing on Zoom and…

Welcome Back!

It’s so good to be back! On Easter Sunday, April 17th, we welcomed our PreK-7th graders back to our church campus. For some of them, it was their first time in our buildings at all! It was joyful and a little overwhelming to be back in the beginning of the Sunday service with everyone. I got very emotional seeing my own children in the service and interacting with the larger community for the first time in more than two years.…


April has been a busy and exciting month! I am so proud of all of us! We had a great kickoff to our Pledge Drive, welcomed six new members, had a staffed table at the local Earth Day celebration to promote our Environmental Film Festival, and we created and implemented an amazing program to support Ukrainian Refugees. Whew! Since I was most involved with the Ukrainian Refugee Program, I particularly want to call out all the volunteers who have made…

A vision for our future, let’s make it happen


Many of us give of our time, many of us give of our resources, most of us do both. We are what we can do together.