Many Different Beliefs, One Loving Community

Visit us this Sunday at 10:30 am PDT. We want to get to know you.

Location Details

2845 Mesa Verde Drive East Costa Mesa, CA 92626

  • Sundays 10:30 am (in person/online)

  • (714) 55-OCUUC

Welcome to our new Director of Religious Education

Danielle Lewis

New Sermons

Make us a Sanctuary!

This wonderful church has been a sanctuary for Ukrainians, but also for so many others who need our love-centered faith. Let’s celebrate and embrace our “sanctuary-ness.” The OCUUC Annual Meeting will be after the service and we will also be giving a Blessing to our Ukrainian guests.

Cultivating Peace: Ending Gun Violence

Come join Rev. Sian and Katherine Martin, of Mom’s Demand Action and OCUUC member, as we explore how we can all cultivate peace in a time of gun violence. After the service there is an opportunity to do a peaceful demonstration on the corner of Mesa Verde and Adams. Bring signs and wear orange to honor Gun Violence Awareness Day!

New Blogs

Rest and Renewal

Last Sunday as part of Question Box Sunday, someone asked if I loved my job. I do! I absolutely love being your minister. I don’t want to be or do anything else. And being a minister is also exhausting. Isn’t that strange? We can love something, but it can also cause us “harm” – lose energy, feel run down, even burnt out if we let it. As a minister I notice that my work is in fact never done -…

We will get there

When Rev. Sian was recruiting me in 2021 for President, she said, “Just get the sanctuary built, we really need you for that.” Huh. Just get it built, right? The sanctuary has been the focus of all my terms and will continue to be so for the future, apparently. While working with the architect and the City has definitely had its trying moments, working with all of you has been wonderful. We have kept in communication and relationship, and I…

Share Ourselves

We are servants who provide care and assistance to those in need, and act as advocates for systemic change. Share Ourselves is a healthcare organization that provides comprehensive health and support services for the entire community. We believe everyone deserves access to quality healthcare. So, every day we break down the barriers to achieving optimal health. From serving as a comprehensive healthcare provider, to offering social services like financial assistance and food distribution, our approach considers all that it means…


Racism has a long history in our society, and is still having major consequences despite years of effort to combat it. We must continue to work together to dismantle the systems that perpetuate injustice and inequity.

A vision for our future, let’s make it happen


Many of us give of our time, many of us give of our resources, most of us do both. We are what we can do together.