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New Sermons


Meditation has long been known to bring about both physical and mental health benefits. In this service, we explore the benefits, challenges and joys of meditation. Rev. Sian with the Meditation Group leaders.


In anti-racism work, some people suggest that we not center whiteness. What does that mean? And what would it mean to center around love instead?

At the Confluence of Religion, Philosophy and Science

We have suffered too long with the battle of Religion vs Philosophy vs Science. Akbar Hussaini, guest speaker, dreams of a world where the practitioners of these three disciplines work together and build upon each other for the accelerated progress of humanity.


Racism has a long history in our society, and is still having major consequences despite years of effort to combat it. We must continue to work together to dismantle the systems that perpetuate injustice and inequity.

New Blogs

Our Whole Lives (OWL)

For ten weeks, nine 4th-6th graders from OCUUC, Tapestry UU, and the wider community gave it their all in the vital and life-affirming Our Whole Lives (OWL) Lifespan Sexuality Education program. With the intrepid leadership of our OWL facilitators, Maria Goode, Jacques Kilchoer, and Rev. Judy Tomlinson, they explored Sexuality and Values, Images in Popular Culture, Body Image, Changes of Puberty, Gender, Feelings and Attraction, Reproduction and Staying Healthy, Decisions and Actions, Consent and Peer Pressure, and Healthy Relationships. By…

We Made a Difference

“Look at all the work we’ve done, everybody showin’ up!” This is the first line of one of my favorite choir songs. We’ve really lived it this Fall! As we go into another calendar year, we can be proud of ourselves. We have had lots of “regular” activities with sermon discussion groups, book groups, another successful auction, and other groups that usually meet on a regular basis. Of course, Sunday mornings is our favorite activity. In addition, Rev. Sian taught…


Welcome to the new year! Each year, people around the globe find a spurt of motivation to make a new year’s resolution – to diet, get in shape, expand their mind, see family more – the list goes on and on. We try year after year to change and grow. I think it’s a rather beautiful tradition even if it tends to fade away within a few weeks. It’s so wonderfully human to try! Recently I was talking to one…

A vision for our future, let’s make it happen


Many of us give of our time, many of us give of our resources, most of us do both. We are what we can do together.