Worship Service: The Eye of the Beholder

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Or is that something we just tell ourselves? Does majority get to rule on what beauty is? And what influences us? Come explore the concept of beauty this Sunday! Rev. Sian is in the pulpit.

Women’s Circle

Please join us by sharing what is important in your life and discussing our topic. We meet right after the service on the fourth Sunday of the month, to share meaningful stories of our lives. Feel free to bring your cup of tea/coffee, sack lunch, and (if you want to) any nibbles to share. Guests are always welcome.…

Blue Cliff Zen Sangha

Led by UU minister and Zen teacher James Ishmael Ford, assisted by Jan Seymour-Ford & Chris Hoff.

Exploring OCUUC

Learn more about OCUUC – our history, mission, and vision–and about the rights and responsibilities of being a friend or member. Share your story with others and make connections with the church community in a fun and casual environment. Coordinated by the Membership Committee. Check out the membership page for more info. Sign up by September…

Meditation Group

This is a group that meets once per month prior to church services in order to share supported meditation together. There will be sitting and/or walking meditation, and a chance for members to share their experience along the mindfulness path.

Worship Service: Living Radical Hospitality

All of us believe that we are very welcoming of people new to our congregation; I’ve never met a congregation that didn’t assume that to be true. But just how welcoming are we, in our churches and in our personal lives? Do we welcome everyone equally, not only those “of like mind?” What happens after…