Anti-Racism Statement

Anti-Racism Statement

Understanding the Need

Racism has a long history in our society, and is still having major consequences despite years of effort to combat it. We must continue to work together to dismantle the systems that perpetuate injustice and inequity. As a community, OCUUC affirms doing all we can to recognize, address and eradicate all forms of racism and ethnic oppression. We are committed to engaging stakeholders both within and outside of OCUUC in an effort to combat oppression and bias.

We recognize that combating racism is a lifelong journey, and one that requires informed dialogue, education, and action. We affirm our dedication to this process, and we welcome all who are called to join us on this journey.

We recognize that people are at different understandings around anti-racism work. Our goal is to inform people of current and historical challenges and to ensure that people feel invited to the conversation.

Understanding Racism

One of the most insidious aspects of racism is that it is often invisible to those who benefit from it. White people in particular are socialized into a worldview that takes the racial hierarchy for granted. This can make it very difficult for all people, however they identify, to see and challenge racism when it rears its head. All voices are invited to the conversation.

It's important to remember that no one chooses to be socialized into racism. We all absorb the messages and values of our cultures, whether we're aware of it or not. And while some people may be more blatantly racist than others, the racial hierarchy gives unearned benefits to some people while it deprives others of their rights.

We must all make a commitment to continuously identify, analyze, and challenge racism whenever and wherever it occurs. At OCUUC, we are exploring the roles that we can play in combating it. We need to remember that everyone has their own experiences and perspectives, and that these should be respected. We need to be careful not to make assumptions about people's experiences or to try to speak for them. There is no one "solution" to racism, but we can all work towards making our world a more equitable and just place for everyone.

At OCUUC, we host regular book groups that discuss anti-racism titles which allow for dialogue and growth. This is one way we are trying to become more aware of the issue of racism and its effects on our community. We hope that these discussions can help all of us learn how to work together more effectively in the fight against racism. To learn more, check out information on book groups and suggested titles.

Engaging and Partnership

As we become more open, transparent, and accountable in our anti-racist initiatives, we hope to amplify the voices of those who have been marginalized.

We are exploring partnerships with other organizations that share our commitment to anti-racism.