Exploring OCUUC

Many people rightly wonder what responsibilities come along with membership. As a member of OCUUC, you are responsible in at least three ways:

  • To yourself - the pursuit of a personal spiritual journey.
  • To others – the participation as a member of a shared community.
  • To the institution – the commitment of financial support in the form of an annual pledge, as well as the gift of your time and talents.

Would you like to know more about Unitarian Universalism and OCUUC? The Membership Committee holds "Exploring OCUUC" events throughout the church year to explore whether membership at OCUUC is part of your spiritual journey, but the desire for formal membership is not necessary. Please contact us by email and let us know you are interested in attending. In addition, members of the Membership Committee and the minister are available at any time to discuss membership with you.

Upcoming Classes

This is your opportunity to go a little deeper into our church’s history, mission, and vision and learn more about the rights and responsibilities of being a friend or member in a fun and casual environment. Some people prefer to not be members, but want to support the church as friends. You’ll have opportunities to share your story with others while making connections with people throughout the church community.

Exploring OCUUC is a way for those who are new to OCUUC and/or who are considering membership for the first time, to learn more about Unitarian Universalism, OCUUC and what it means to be a friend or member of the church. Topics covered include our church’s history, mission and vision. Breakfast goodies and coffee served!

You will learn all this and more in a welcoming and casual environment. You will also have the opportunity to share your own story with others attending the program. Reverend Sian and several OCUUC members will be there to lead the program and answer your questions.

To express interest in an upcoming class, contact or call the church, 714-556-2882, with any questions. Check back here for details of the next class.

What does it mean to be a Friend or a Member?

Many UU congregations have just two types of people: Visitors and Members. Until you are ready to formally join the congregation, you are a Visitor. OCUUC has an additional level of affinity: Friends. A Friend is someone who is in alignment with our values and wants to have a closer relationship with the congregation. Friends are invited to become involved in almost all programs and events. A Friend can join the choir, join a committee, support the church financially, and do almost anything else a Member can do. In fact, we expect our Friends to do all of these things, and more. The main differences are that a Friend cannot chair a committee, serve in an elected office or take part in a congregational vote. In order to do these things, you must have been a Member for 30 days.

If you are a Visitor or a Friend who would like to become a Member, please talk to the person at the Welcoming table on the patio on Sunday morning. We like to have all new Members take part in an Exploring OCUUC event. However, it is not a requirement, as long as you have a conversation with the President, Minister, or Membership Committee Chair about expectations, responsibilities, and benefits of Membership.

If you are a Visitor who would like to become a Friend, you must check in the office with Sarah to be sure she has your contact information. This will allow you to be listed in the church directory (you will also receive a directory of your own). You will receive the Thursday e-mail Blast to keep you informed about church happenings, and you will be put on the contact list for committees such as the Canvass Committee. You will be expected to take an active role in the life of the congregation, including making a pledge to the best of your financial ability. For information about financial support, see the Support pages.

Questions? Comments? See us at the Welcome table on the patio on Sunday morning or send a message to

Connecting Our Community

Each member and friend is asked to get involved in the activities in our church. Volunteering just four hours a month will increase the ability of OCUUC to fulfill our vision. Just as the church cannot operate without your financial help, it also cannot operate without your contribution of time and talents. Your talents are needed to help us build a larger presence in Orange County.

While attending the worship service on Sunday is a very special experience, most members find that, over time, it is not enough to sustain their commitment to the church. We know of no better way to deepen your connection, as well as increase your reward, than by active engagement in a church program that most closely matches your needs. Don’t wait! Find a group, program or activity in which to involve yourself as soon as possible. This is how you will start “feeling a part of” the church, and in return, the people of Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church will become a community for you.

We have many active groups and committees guide offering you many ways to get involved. Here’s a small sampling of the opportunities for personal and spiritual growth:

To discuss which program may be best for you, please contact the vice president of programs, browse the website to sample some of the church programs and activities, or pick up a copy of the current Active Groups/Committee Guide for a complete listing of church programs and activities.