Sermons by Rev. Liz Murphy

Sermons by Rev. Liz Murphy

Rooted Together

The natural world is a beautiful teacher of the possibility of relation-ship surrounding us — and the harmony possible in community. What truth and connection might we find just outside our back doors? How might we learn some powerful lessons about vulnerability from the buzzing bees and the sprouting leaves? We’ll consider how we are “Rooted Together,” examining how the spirit of life works within us and around us when we most need it.

Livin’ On a Prayer

Prayer is synonymous with religious communities. But how might we, as UUs of many different beliefs, connect with prayer in our own lives and in our congregations? Looking to the natural world as our guide, this service will investigate how prayer, in its many forms, can be a transformative practice of paying attention in our daily lives.

I Have Two Dreams

Let us examine the life and work of Ethelred Brown, an early black pioneer in Unitarians, whose ministry was focused on widening the circle.