Sermons by K.C. Pandell

Sermons by K.C. Pandell

London Calling

A Unitarian Universalist and five Episcopalians walk into a pub… Sabbatical Preacher KC Marie Pandell shares her experience on Bexley-Seabury seminary’s “Learning from London” course, and the unexpected faith journey it brought. KC Pandell is filling in a number of times this summer while Rev. Sian is on sabbatical. KC is serving as Intern Minister at Tapestry UU and will begin full time ministry with Summit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Santee, CA in the fall.

The Ben Parker Appeal

Our social locations inform much about us: from opportunities available to us, to the ways we move and interact with the world. Today, we investigate our “Constellation of Privilege” and how we can use the information from it to live into our Unitarian Universalist Principles.

A Very Spiritual Education

A seminary education is a vital requirement of our Unitarian Universalist ministry. But what actually goes on there and why is this education so necessary? Today we explore some practicalities as well as the experiences of recent seminarians.

Life, the Universe, and Everything

A feature of Unitarian Universalism is our willingness to admit that we don’t have the answers. Today, we explore our third and fourth principles, and how they help us shape not only our faith, but how we move through the world. KC Pandell will fill in at OCUUC a number of times this summer while Rev. Sian is on sabbatical. KC is also serving as Intern Minister at Tapestry UU, a contract minister at UUC Anaheim and will begin full…