Sermons by Rev. Sian Wiltshire

Groundhog Day

The annual tradition of Groundhog Day is a time when we look at the future as either one of hope or despair. When times are tough, how do we choose hope, despite the signs otherwise?

This Land is Your Land?

Let’s explore the rights, dreams and worldviews of indigenous peoples in Orange County: the Acjachemen and Tongva. Jacque Nunez, an educator/storyteller from the Acjachamen Nation, will be with us. “The Acjachemen (A-ha-che-men) Nation,” the Education Department of Mission San Juan Capistrano tells us, “lived prosperously for more than 10,000 years on the coastlands of Orange…

Las Posadas

What if you have no place to lay your head? Las Posadas is a tradition chiefly celebrated in Latin America, Mexico and the United States and generally last for nine days. It recounts the Christian story where Mary and Joseph look for a place to sleep, but are constantly rebuffed. Who might Mary and Joseph…