Sermons by Rev. Sian Wiltshire (Page 3)

Sermons by Rev. Sian Wiltshire (Page 3)

Water Communion

Traditionally, congregants bring a small amount of water from a special place. During the appointed time during the service, each person pours the water into a communal vessel and tells why this water is special to them. Due to the challenges of Covid-19, we will be guided through a virtual sharing and the symbolic blending of our faith coming from many different sources.


Come explore with Rev. Sian and Rica, our Intern Minister, how we grow, learn, and find the holy in ourselves, others and all that is happening around us.

Moral Injury

We live in a unique time, where humanity faces new moral questions. Come explore the answers to these new questions. What is Moral Injury: Feelings of guild and shame as a result of committing an act that violates one’s moral conscience or witnessing a similar act that one was unable or unwilling to prevent. Three Questions: What if fear was taken out of the equation? Whose voice is not being heard? What is love asking of us?

Moppa Earth

Diversity abounds in nature, yet we struggle with embracing all the diverse ways we show up as human. On this earth day, what lessons can our planet and its denizens teach us? Rev. Sian Wiltshire

Biannual Music Sunday

Our biannual Music Sunday service was on March 29th. We had been planning an almost-all music service featuring our choir, small groups, and soloists, but now that we’re all Safer At Home, the choir and small group numbers will have to wait until another day. We still want to acknowledge major milestones in U.S. women’s history: the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment – giving women the right to vote – plus the women’s rights movement in the 60s and…


What does it mean to be both distanced and connected in the age of COVID-19? Rev. Sian with Rica Kaufel as Worship Associate and Steve Morihiro as Virtual Usher launched our first Sunday Service through Zoom.