Sermons by Rev. Sian Wiltshire (Page 2)

Sermons by Rev. Sian Wiltshire (Page 2)

Faith in Humanity

Humanism is one of our common theologies, the belief that Humanity causes and solves all our own problems. During this time of war, environmental devastation, and oppression, how do we continue to have faith in humanity?

Freedom to Be

In celebration of the founding of the NAACP, the freedom to marry, and Darwin’s birthday, let us gather to discuss what freedoms have we gained in the last hundred years and freedoms we still need to gain.

Life Lessons

Life’s lessons often tell us something about how we are called in the world at different times in our lives. What were your life’s lessons? What are you called to now? Come learn more and share!

Question Box Sunday

Have you got questions? Rev. Sian Wiltshire has answers! This is your chance to ask any question you like — about life, theology, the church, ministry, etc. A favorite service, come see if Rev. Sian can answer your burning questions!

Joy to the World

Who would have thought that Joy would be an act of resistance? Learn about Pleasure Activism and how joy is an act of justice. The choir has returned to Daniels Hall to sing in the service for the first time since March 2020!

Finding Joy

We often mix up happiness and joy, but they are different. Come join Rev. Sian as she explores how to find those moments of joy in our daily lives.

Refugees / Recent History

History doesn’t have to mean a long time ago. It can mean how we are dealing with the history we are creating right now. Come explore how we might change recent history for the better.