Good Trouble Congregation

Good Trouble Congregation

What is a Good Trouble Congregation?

Good Trouble Congregations are congregations that answer that call to organize their communities and engage in the multiple and necessary tactics that will help us win big for our communities in 2022. Whether you’re protecting voter access in Georgia, fighting for reproductive justice in Kentucky, or election protection in Pennsylvania, your work is essential to building a strong movement for democracy. Let’s all do our part to build a multi-racial democracy by becoming a Good Trouble Congregation.

OCUUC is Becoming a Good Trouble Congregation

We are working on creating some “Good Trouble” this Fall to become a “Good Trouble Congregation”. One of the best ways we can live our values to is get personally involved in democracy and work on elections, whether it is getting out the vote or working on issues and campaigns. If enough of us participate, we will get there!

UU The Vote is an affiliated organization with the Unitarian Universalist Association and they have created this program to encourage us all to get involved. Here are the details:

Meet 4 of these criteria to become a Good Trouble Congregation! All congregations and fellowships are eligible. Criteria is relative to the size of your congregation. We have 138 members as of 8/29/22. We are counting any activity in 2022, so work during the Spring election cycle also counts.

  • Average 20 postcards or letters per member
  • Average 200 text messages per member
  • Average 20 calls per member
  • Average 20 door knocks per member
  • Reach 20 percent volunteer engagement
  • Average 2 newly registered voters per member
  • At least 2 congregants are line warmers, poll workers, or poll watchers

If you are unsure how to get involved to do any of these, there is a resource sheet HERE. We do not have to invent the wheel! If you know of a way to help, please enter it, as it is updatable by anyone. Please do remember that we need to protect our not-for-profit status, so do not enter links for candidates.

Once you have activity to report, enter it HERE. It is all good – working to encourage people to vote, working on specific issues or propositions and working for candidates. If is fine to report your time working for a candidate, just don’t identify as “Candidate” on the sheet. Check back frequently and watch our impact grow!

If you would find it helpful to do this in a group, organize it! For example, if you would like to organize a post card writing time, schedule a room with Sarah J. at and advertise it in the Blast (, weekly deadline Wednesday noon).

Our mission is to “Transform our lives and communities by living our principles”. Let’s make a difference!