Sermon Archive (Page 3)

Sermon Archive (Page 3)

Question Box Sunday

Have you got questions? Rev. Sian Wiltshire has answers! This is your chance to ask any question you like — about life, theology, the church, ministry, etc. A favorite service, come see if Rev. Sian can answer your burning questions!

Annual Fire Communion Service

We will sit in the liminal transition space of the ending of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. This has been a year of reemerging and receding; a back-and-forth year. Many people are yearning for the waiting to be over and for a new beginning. Let’s take some time for deep reflection letting go of what has been as we prepare for what will be.

Joy to the World

Who would have thought that Joy would be an act of resistance? Learn about Pleasure Activism and how joy is an act of justice. The choir has returned to Daniels Hall to sing in the service for the first time since March 2020!

Finding Joy

We often mix up happiness and joy, but they are different. Come join Rev. Sian as she explores how to find those moments of joy in our daily lives.

Have a Merry Christmas, Martha!

Advent can be a busy time of preparation, caretaking, and maybe even worrying. Can we be festive without being stressed? And how can we call ourselves back into a moment of joy, contentment, and spiritual renewal?

Refugees / Recent History

History doesn’t have to mean a long time ago. It can mean how we are dealing with the history we are creating right now. Come explore how we might change recent history for the better.

Both/And History

History is being revised to include the point of view of those who are marginalized. How do we hold both the good and bad of our US history?

We Remember Them

We have lost a lot this year: loved ones, opportunities, and a sense of normalcy. But on this Sunday, Samhain, in many earth-based practices, we take a brief moment to reflect on those who have joined the ancestral realm and the legacy that they leave behind as we move forward into our next normal.