Sermon Archive (Page 3)

Sermon Archive (Page 3)

The Courage to Change

It’s not easy admitting when we’ve done something wrong or hurt someone, either as a nation or as an individual. Racism is one of the biggest hurts we all have to face. How do we find the courage to face what needs to be changed as a nation and in ourselves? Note: There are opportunities to discuss in small groups later in the week.

Spiritual Report Cards

How many of us live our lives as if there will be a report card at the end of the term? What would constitute an “A” in your book, spiritually speaking? And does it matter? Oncology chaplain and popular guest speaker, Michael Eselun explores these questions.

Water Ceremony

It’s our annual ingathering and water ceremony. Come celebrate this quintessential Unitarian Universalist annual ritual. Bring water that is meaningful to you, and your water bottle for a blessing, but, as always, there is water for everyone.

True Colors

How do colors influence, heal, agitate or fascinate us human beings? Explore the spirituality of color and how each of us appear as different colors (at least to Rev. Sian, a synesthete).

The Left Hand of God

What happens to a country when it’s original vision of God is that of an angry, judgmental and vindictive tyrant? We see evidence today of the outcome in gun violence throughout our country. How did we get into this mess?!

Happy Place

Sometimes the world is a difficult place and we need to find our “happy place.” Where is your “happy place?” What happens when that is gone or you can no longer find it? How do you find or create a new one?

Livin’ On a Prayer

Prayer is synonymous with religious communities. But how might we, as UUs of many different beliefs, connect with prayer in our own lives and in our congregations? Looking to the natural world as our guide, this service will investigate how prayer, in its many forms, can be a transformative practice of paying attention in our daily lives.