Sermon Archive (Page 3)

Sermon Archive (Page 3)

How Rare, How Lovely, This Fellowship

The most important value for a religious community is the community. As a faith community, our fellowship is at the ground of all we receive for ourselves and offer to the larger world. When we begin to move other organizations to the center of our mission, we begin to lose our unique purpose and strength.

Acceptance of One Another

How does a person grow if they don’t even know where to start? And how do we get past the judgements we have of one another and get to see the whole person, in all their beauty and roughness?

Celebrating the Earth

Some argue that freedom gives us rights; others might say freedom gives us responsibilities. How do we use our freedom to save this Earth? This is also New Member Sunday.

Easter: New Life!

On this day we celebrate the emergence of new life following a difficult time. On this day, we welcome our children back to the campus!

UU Men’s Fellowship

UU Men’s Fellowship Gatherings: For Sharing, Supporting, and Growth – What is the Unitarian Universalist Men’s Fellowship, and what can be gained from participation in men’s support groups? This resource is available to all men who wish to improve upon and strengthen their relationships with family, friends and partners.

This Faith

What does it mean to be a part of this Unitarian Universalist faith tradition? Come explore how Unitarian Universalism has affected our history and is building the future.

Faith in Humanity

Humanism is one of our common theologies, the belief that Humanity causes and solves all our own problems. During this time of war, environmental devastation, and oppression, how do we continue to have faith in humanity?