Sermon Archive (Page 28)

Sermon Archive (Page 28)

Dancing with Despair: The Life and Times of Clara Barton

Our worship theme for the month of December is the interplay between despair and hope. Come and look beyond the stereotypes at one of our Universalist ancestors, Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross. Though she suffered from depression, Barton was a social justice worker who would thrive during times of adversity. Her life is full of surprises.

The Pale Blue Dot

Did you know that Carl Sagan was a theologian? Hear about his contribution to our understanding of the Universe and through that, the Holy.

On the Shoulders of Giants

All of what we have today is in part because of those that came before us. Let’s celebrate and honor those that help make the world, and our church, a better one!

Unitarian Universalism: Where Are We Headed?

Tom talks about the future of Unitarian Universalism from his work the past seven years on the Board of the UUA. Tom discusses what trends are currently driving changes in growth, ministry, membership, religious education, social justice and interfaith work. Unitarian Universalism is a small denomination in the religious landscape but we have an influence out of proportion to our size and more important, we have an appeal to the fastest growing religious group in the country: the spiritual but…