Sermon Archive (Page 27)

Sermon Archive (Page 27)

Our Stories

Jan Mabie reflects on her Air Force experience during Reagan’s witch-hunt against gays in the military. Beth Syverson talks about her and Jan’s marriage and the effort required to make it happen. Although we take joy in the fact that Unitarian Universalists are very accepting of LGBTQ people, and we are grateful that OCUUC is a Welcoming Congregation, we believe that hearing each others’ stories enriches all of us and helps us be more compassionate toward others who are different…

Universalism and Mercy

Centuries ago, Unitarianism emphasized the oneness of God while our Universalist ancestors emphasized the mercy and love of God. Rev. Sian explores this second half of our tradition and what it can teach us today.

Mary, Mother of Mercy

Mercy is not a word we use a lot in the modern world, but it does occur a lot in the Christian Scriptures. What do these ancient sources have to tell us about the power of mercy?