This Land is Your Land?

Let’s explore the rights, dreams and worldviews of indigenous peoples in Orange County: the Acjachemen and Tongva.

Jacque Nunez, an educator/storyteller from the Acjachamen Nation, will be with us. “The Acjachemen (A-ha-che-men) Nation,” the Education Department of Mission San Juan Capistrano tells us, “lived prosperously for more than 10,000 years on the coastlands of Orange County. They were among the 275,000 people that inhabited California. Their nation’s territory, which consisted of many villages, spanned from Long Beach to Oceanside, as far east as Lake Elsinore, and westward to Catalina and San Clemente Islands.

Our Sunday service will be about Indigenous land rights. Ms Nunez will do a sung blessing and The Time for All Ages at the beginning of the service. Then, she will come to a combined Religious Education group to teach us how to weave our own baskets.