Sermons by Rev. Sian Wiltshire (Page 11)

Sermons by Rev. Sian Wiltshire (Page 11)

Universalism and Mercy

Centuries ago, Unitarianism emphasized the oneness of God while our Universalist ancestors emphasized the mercy and love of God. Rev. Sian explores this second half of our tradition and what it can teach us today.

Mary, Mother of Mercy

Mercy is not a word we use a lot in the modern world, but it does occur a lot in the Christian Scriptures. What do these ancient sources have to tell us about the power of mercy?

Have Mercy

There are times in our lives when it all seems too much. How do we respond to cries of mercy, for ourselves and others?

Free to Be You and Me

Based on the book and film of the same name by Marlo Thomas and the update 40 years after first being published, Rev Sian discusses what has changed and what remains as challenges for every person to express their own personhood.

The Cost of Freedom

Our country was founded on the desire to be free from tyranny. But is freedom “free”? Is there a cost to our freedom? As we build a world community with peace, liberty and justice for all, what might we have to give up to obtain it?