This is my last blog post as President of the OCUUC Board of Trustees. I have served three consecutive one-year terms as President with this final year’s term ending June 30, 2021. I am glad to have one last opportunity to correspond with you via this platform.

Serving as President these last three years has been fulfilling, sometimes a challenge, and always an honor. Thank you all for allowing me to serve in this capacity. I am grateful to be part of all that has been accomplished by the remarkable people who are the members and friends, minister and staff of OCUUC.

Being President during the Sanctuary Capital Campaign and the decision by the Congregation to move forward with the new sanctuary project added a dimension to the position that has not occurred for a very long time at our church. And who would have thought we would have been dealing with a once in a hundred-year pandemic this last year and a half? These two circumstances caused us all to reach deeper into our resources of time, talent and treasure these past three years. So many people not only stepped up in these areas, but I would also say they leapt forward to accomplish our goals and keep us together during the pandemic. I am so proud of all of you.

I could write volumes about the work done and accomplishments of all of you this last year. I won’t do that of course, but if you wish to learn more about what has gone on this last year please check out last year's annual reports and other information presented at the annual meeting held June 13, 2021.

By the time you read this article, Nancy Loughrey will be the new President of the Board of Trustees. Welcome, Nancy! We will all be in excellent hands with Nancy at the helm of our OCUUC ship.

With gratitude and love,

Debra Quam

Debra Quam was OCUUC Board President from July 2018 through June 2021.