We Will Get There

We Will Get There

Thank you for your trust and honoring me with the presidency. It should be a great year and I am truly looking forward to it. This is not my first time around this flagpole, and I am fully aware that I will need lots of help and understanding. We are an awesome congregation. I know it will happen.

The pandemic has challenged all of us for many months and it turns out that discovering what our new normal will be is also challenging. We have made sacrifices and learned new skills. Although California has loosened its restrictions, the virus has not gone away. I can tell you OCUUC has a full spectrum of opinions on our readiness to return. We have some who want us to fully go back to “normal”, and some who say they expect to be happy on Zoom indefinitely. We are all so good at being tolerant of others’ theological positions. Please carry that on to your tolerance for virus positions!

Tom and I have been planning a trip across the country for a long time. The farthest point will be attending his mother’s 92nd birthday in Maine. We plan to be gone from August 12th to September 17th, just over five weeks. We will be in email and phone contact on a regular basis, so please reach out if necessary. It should be a great time to get away and see friends and family. In accommodation of this and a few other Board members who will be away in late August, the August Board meeting will be on Wednesday, August 11th at 7 pm. It will be hybrid – in the Victoria Room and on Zoom. We always welcome visitors!

We already held a Board retreat, and we have lots of exciting ideas for the new year, as if a new sanctuary wasn’t exciting enough! We have set some ambitious goals for growing both membership and small group participation by 10%. Ask any Board member! We are on our way – the Summer Picnic on August 21st is a new event toward our goals.

We will get there!

Nancy Loughrey

Nancy Loughrey is Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church's Board President.

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