Worship Theme for November: Faith

I love that our worship theme for November is “Faith.” Because we are about to take a leap of faith! Last Spring, your president, Don Martin, and I held a series of townhall meetings to discuss what to do about our space for worship. You see, we are between a rock and a hard place. In our current space, we are too small to go to two services – not enough people to make two services vital feeling. But we are also outgrowing our current space. Sometimes it is standing room only! At the meetings, we discussed all kinds of options and the conclusion was this: We simply need to build the Sanctuary we hoped to build four years ago when we moved to this space. We’ve had to put that off to meet other demands, but it’s been the plan all along. Now is that time.

And it’s going to take a leap of Faith in ourselves and the church! Because we aren’t sure how we are going to do it. And yet, faith is about moving forward when you don’t always know where you are going. This year, Don and I are going to work with folks to put a plan together. Keep an eye out for more townhall meetings – we want your input and to keep you informed. In the meantime, you have one job: take a leap of faith. Start by simply asking yourself this: What’s your vision for Unitarian Universalism here in Orange County? And then let’s start moving forward.