Let’s Practice Hospitality

On my first Sunday back in the pulpit preaching, afterwards a kind congregant came up to me and said “We missed you!” I grinned back, “Thanks!.” Tom L., one of our long time congregants, saw my grin, leaned toward me and whispered, “Doesn’t that feel nice?” Oh yah it does! It’s nice to be missed. I missed you all too. I’m very grateful to the Board, especially our President Don, the Committee on Ministry, the staff and everyone who made everything go so smoothly. Hospitality, our worship theme this month, is not just something that is offered to the stranger, it’s also about how we treat one another. Making people feel welcome, honored – even “missed” – are all ways that we create a loving environment in our church.

There is a Jewish Proverb that says, “Hospitality is one form of worship.” I love that! Worship for Unitarian Universalists is about lifting up that which is “worthy” (the word worship comes from “worth.”). Let us practice hospitality this month with one another and with the stranger. Let us worship!