Vision Statements

Recently the OCUUC Board decided to ask themselves and the church about “what does the church mean to me?” Each board member has been coming up with their own vision statement about the church and what it means to them. It’s been wonderful to hear these visions statements and we are going to be sharing them with you in the weeks and months to come.

Our church has a mission statement, but not a vision statement. The mission of the church is “To transform our lives and our communities by living our Principles.” But then, what is the vision of the church? What is the outcome should we do this? That is what our wonderful Board President, Don, has been asking. Each Board member has been submitting their own vision statement. What I’ve loved so far is how close they are to one another. Each expression so far has been unique, and yet they also have been very similar – mostly about a place where all are welcome. I love that!

I haven’t written mine, but I think mine might be around hope, our worship theme this month: That we become a beacon of hope for all those who need it in times of darkness. We are entering a time of darkness, both figuratively and literally. My prayer is that this church be the place people can turn to when they need a little light in their lives.

If you are feeling challenged this holiday season, please reach out. This church is here for you!