The Solstice-Christmas Season

The Solstice-Christmas Season

As many of you know, I love the Solstice-Christmas season. I love the messages of love, hope and family. What I don’t love is the commercialism, the sense of frantic and frenetic giving with all its politics and worries. It seems like the messages get drowned out amid the hustle and bustle.

But this year with the pandemic we have a golden opportunity to approach this season with perhaps more mindfulness than usual. Because the normal round of parties, gift giving, and familial traditions are not happening (for the most part), perhaps we can approach this season with a sense of reverence and stillness — a time to notice what is most important to us. Perhaps we can be mindful of the feelings we have in missing those no longer with us and create traditions of love and remembrance. Perhaps we can spend our holidays listening to the still small voice within: listening to our hearts.

May you each find moments of stillness, moments of hope and moments of love this holiday season.

With love,

Rev. Sian