Strengthening Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Strengthening Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Did you know that there is a difference between “healing” and “curing?” Curing implies that whatever was bothering you—an ache, a pain, an illness, or a heartache—is gone. But healing is different. Healing is about not allowing the ache, pain, illness or heartache to rule your life. It’s about strengthening your mind, body and spirit when a cure isn’t possible and it allows you to live in peace, despite the issue.

We’ve all seen it happen—or know stories. The person facing a terminal illness, becomes a happier, more grounded person, or the person facing a debilitating disease finds ways of being an inspiration for others. I’d like to think that I would be that way, but let’s face it, it isn’t easy. Here’s the thing, though: Healing doesn’t have to start with some horrible tragedy. We can begin healing (strengthening our mind, body and spirit) right now—every day. We do that by taking care of ourselves.

Here’s a challenge for you this month: spend time noticing where you find stress and where you find healing. Notice how you feel after you meet with various people or after doing an activity. What might you change that would reduce your stress, and what fills your soul? What brings you healing?

We are facing a challenging month ahead with elections that are on everyone’s minds. Let’s start the healing process now, so that no matter the outcome, we are all feeling healed.

With love, Rev. Sian