May Notes

May Notes

Our worship theme this month is Transcendence. It’s not a very easy word to define. Yet, we all have felt it: Sometimes it’s felt as a sense of awe or wonder – like when you are in the Grand Canyon or looking at the night sky; or when we feel a deep sense of gratitude for all those around us and feel a sense of deep connection; and other times it comes when we use our imagination to transport us to another way of being or thinking. Transcendence is felt as going beyond yourself, in a sense. As far as we know, transcendence is a uniquely human experience.

As you go about your daily lives this month, I encourage you to pay attention to those moments where you feel awe or wonder; moments of feeling larger than yourself; moments of creative transportation where time seems to stand still. Pay attention to those moments. They are more than feel good feelings, but a way of loving the world.

With love,

Rev. Sian


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