April Notes

April Notes

If you’ve ever been around a young child, you know about Transformers, the toys. When my nephew Max turned 5, he loved them. Only he was 5 years old and thus had a hard time transforming them himself. So with tears of frustration after trying, he would turn to his patient mother and father who got very good at transforming the toy back and forth between the car and the robot. He would watch in fascination and expectation as it went from one form to another. Then he would play with the toy for a few minutes. But the fun wasn’t in the static position – the fun was in the transformation and so he’d try again and the cycle would start over with a sigh and smile from his parents. I think there a very natural fascination with transformation – to see something transformed seems almost like magic. Yet when it happens to ourselves, it isn’t always fun – nor is it easy. Transformation means change – usually big change, life transforming change. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just hand it over to a parental figure and have them figure it out for us? But if you watch it enough, like my nephew did, you start to get used to it and then it isn’t so scary or so difficult. And you figure it out – just like he did. Life’s kind of like that: learning to deal with the transformations of age, of roles and responsibilities, of careers. The older we get, the more we know how this transformation stuff works. This month we are exploring the theme of transformation. Which seems rather appropriate considering how much change the church has gone through in the last year! And we aren’t done yet. In fact, we most likely will never be done. But isn’t that where the fun is? Just like my nephew, the fun is in the transformation, not so much in the staying still. So come join us as we build this beloved community!

With love,

Rev. Sian


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