June notes

June notes

Summer is here!

Here at church, it’s going to be a wonderful summer. We are continuing two services to keep momentum going and although the choir is taking a break, we’ve got planned some wonderful musicians and music for you! Summer is a fun time to experiment with worship and try new ideas. For example, Rayna, our Director of Religious Education, is going to be hosting Dr. Who classes for our youth and any adults who would like to join in between the services. We’ll be watching Dr. Who episodes and discussing how they mesh with our 7 Principles. How fun is that?!

I love experimenting or trying something new. Lately I’ve taken up archery. Can I tell you how bad I am at it? It’s great! Why is being bad great? Because I’m learning! I can see myself getting better and better. And that’s what it’s all about – learning, growing and becoming.

So how might you try something new this summer? What’s that one thing that you’d love to try but haven’t? Here is my wish for you: that you have fun being really bad at something this summer!

With love, Rev. Sian


Our new mission statement, approved at the Annual Congregational Meeting on June 14th:

The mission
of Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church
is to transform our lives and communities
by living our Principles.

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