August notes

August notes

            To transform our lives and communities by living our Principles.

            We have a new mission statement! At our June annual meeting, the congregation approved a new Mission Statement as shown above. It may seem kind of awkward to see it at first glance - after all, what does it mean? How do we do this? What communities? What part of our lives? Great questions! The Worship Committee and I are going to be exploring those questions all year long as part of monthly themes, starting with "Mission" in September and then going through each of our seven Principles over the next seven months, ending on the ninth month with the theme of "transformation." So get ready to do a lot of exploring and introspection!

In the meantime, you might just ask yourself ... what does this mission statement mean to me as a friend or member of this congregation? How can I (or my committee, or my covenant group, or my family) do this? What does the church need to do in order to live out this mission?

We are a faith that likes to ask questions. So keep asking them and see what answers come to you over the course of this year. I look forward to walking this journey with you!


With loving faith,

Rev. Sian

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