September Notes

What a difference a year can make! This last year has been a whirlwind for me. I moved across country and began as your minister last August. I’ve been learning to adapt to everything from the weather to the drivers here in southern California. The former being so much easier than the latter!

And we’ve been getting to know one another. From meals to classes to Sunday morning, each of you is now more than a beautiful face I recognize, but a unique character filled with stories and histories that fascinate. What a wonderful bunch you are! Oh yah, this is the church for me.

And this year has had its traumas. We’ve been through some challenges together, like facing a huge financial shortfall. But we faced them together. Because that’s who we are. And now we are mourning together as we have lost our beloved member, John Cazier. I am so grateful that we have one another. It is a comfort in difficult times to know that we are not alone.

It gives me such hope. For our future and the future of our world. I see what community can and will be for each of us. I know we’ll face some challenges this year – but, along with potlucks and programs, we’ll keep facing them together. What a blessing you are!

With loving faith,

Rev. Sian