Tom Loughrey, one of the fabulous “patriarchs” (and I say that with admiration) of this congregation, once told me that 30+ years ago, he and his wife Nancy sat down to decide what commitments they were going to make in their lives – for themselves, their children and to better their community. I’m sure they had a lot of different option – clubs to join, nonprofits to support, etc. But together, they decided that they would make a commitment to this congregation, OCUUC, and to Unitarian Universalism. They knew that commitment meant seeing it through thick and thin. That it wouldn’t always be an easy road, but they were all in. And throughout the years they have repeatedly lived up to their commitment, giving moneys as they have been able, and certainly giving of their time. Both Tom and Nancy have served on the Board, not only of this congregation, but on the UUA, PSWD and Camp de Benneville. They are dedicated to keeping this community and Unitarian Universalism thriving in SoCal. 

This kind of commitment kind of blows my mind. I just reached my 55th year of existence, and I have never known that kind of commitment to an institution or a community. It’s awe inspiring to me. And it teaches me. It teaches me that commitment is more than a promise. It is about living your values; it’s about dedication to ideals; it’s about seeing it through, even when at times life is rough. Commitment is an act of freedom and we all get to choose what (or who) we are committed to. 

So I want to thank you all who are committed to this church – who will see it through thick and thin – who choose to be dedicated to living out our Principles – who have chosen us, and Unitarian Universalism, in freedom. 

With Love, 

Rev. Sian

Rev. Sian Wiltshire is Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church's minister. Please feel free to reach out and say hello! She can be reached by email,, or by church phone at (714) 556-2882 (x302).