The Doors

The Doors

Last night our OCUUC choir held its first in-person rehearsal in over a year. We wore the new special singers' masks, we were appropriately distanced and sang in our beautiful courtyard in the open air. In addition to the 15 choir participants there in person we also had 8 singers joining us on Zoom. It was a success!

As I looked around the church campus last night I couldn't help but think about how many creative opportunities there will be for singing, speaking and performances of all kinds when our new sanctuary is completed. The innovative sliding glass wall design feature connecting the sanctuary and the courtyard will allow us to do so much more with our indoor-outdoor space.

If you'd like to learn more about about this aspect of the design (which we demonstrated during our field trip to the domus studio-designed Gloria Dei Lutheran sanctuary in Dana Point), you can go to

Our construction committee continues our weekly meetings and strategy sessions. Exciting times with so much to look forward to as we begin to make our post COVID transitions.


Craig Spery is the chair of the sanctuary planning and construction committee