Going for the Goals

Going for the Goals

The Sanctuary Construction Committee held its weekly meeting yesterday as we continue to work toward completion of tasks that must be finalized so that we can stay on schedule. Though our work at this point in time involves more research and decision making than hammers and saws, we are always focused on the goals for the project.

We are focused on developing a sanctuary that:

  • Provides worship space that is meditative, tranquil, spiritual, and inspirational
  • Allows for fostering growth of the congregation and increases our influence in Orange County
  • Promotes community outreach through church-hosted concerts, film series, educational opportunities, and lectures
  • Provides for opportunities to generate rental revenue by serving as a site for weddings, memorial services, etc. and for sharing worship space with other congregations.


-Craig Spery, a member of the sanctuary planning and construction PUG subgroup.