Sound Check

Sound Check

Planning for the new sanctuary project began in 2018, long before the word “COVID” became a part of our daily vocabulary. Back then we weren’t talking about hybrid Sunday services requiring more advanced audio-video technologies. Fast forward to 2021 and now our Sanctuary Construction Committee is tackling these issues head-on as we plan how the AV needs will be met primarily in the new sanctuary but also in Daniels Hall and the newly renovated Victoria Room.

Last Saturday morning the Sanctuary Construction Committee held a Zoom meeting with our AV advisory subgroup—Director of Music Ministries Beth Syverson and choir members Steve Morihiro and Phil Chipman.

A few items of note that are being addressed with our architect, among others:

  • Having a live feed to the existing external areas is important. How can we include Daniels Hall, the Victoria Room and the courtyard in our planning?
  • Since the church is planning to continue to use Zoom after the new sanctuary is built, what additional considerations should be added to the sanctuary AV design?
  • How are the acoustics determined before the space is built? Computer modeling? Is the space tested again once built?
  • How can we incorporate our significant inventory of existing equipment into our AV plan.

As I’ve said before, we are fortunate to have such outstanding expertise within our congregation to advise our team.

Thank you one and all.


-Craig Spery, a member of the sanctuary planning and construction PUG subgroup.