Marking Underground Utilities

Marking Underground Utilities

On Friday a representative from our new sanctuary project’s civil engineering firm was on the OCUUC campus to locate all the underground utilities. This is an important step beginning with the project’s demolition phase later this year so the contractor will know which utilities need to be capped and avoided.

If you were at the church service on Sunday you may have noticed a lot of various colored dots painted on the courtyard and the parking area. This is the work he performed on Friday using inverted spray paint, also known as "upside down paint" to designate the different utilities.

What do the colors mean? GREEN is for sewer and drain lines, YELLOW is for gas lines, RED is for electric power lines, ORANGE is for communication lines and BLUE is for potable water.

So now you have some new information to share next time there’s a lull in conversation on your next Zoom meeting or in-person dinner party!

Questions? Please contact me at or better yet, let’s talk after the church service out on the courtyard if you’re on the church campus.


Craig Spery is the chair of the sanctuary planning and construction committee