Details, details and more details…

Details, details and more details…

If you’ve ever undertaken a remodeling project, you know that there are a multitude of details that must be attended to before you ever get to swing a sledgehammer.

Those guys at all the DIY shows on TV make it look so easy as they often compress the life of an entire project into a 30 minute time slot, including commercials. Well, as they say, that’s Hollywood and here at OCUUC we’re taking the long range view.

Now that we’re in our second “official” week, we’re delving into the details with our architect, domusstudio architecture, to prepare for our first significant milestone—meeting with the City of Costa Mesa Planning Division to review our plans.

Members of our PUG planning & construction subgroup—Nancy Loughrey and Barbara Morihiro--who worked so diligently on the prior proposed Mesa Verde sanctuary are compiling files of permits, geotechnical reports and architectural plans for domus to have on hand as they draw up the newest version of the project.

Meanwhile domus has begun gathering proposals for structural, electrical, civil engineering and mechanical aspects.

So there’s still plenty of time for us to order construction hard hats and shovels for the groundbreaking later this year.


-Craig Spery, a member of the sanctuary planning and construction PUG subgroup.