Construction Q&A

Construction Q&A

Many thanks to all of you who have responded to the new blog with your sanctuary construction-related comments and questions. I thought this might be a good time to provide you with feedback on a few of the questions I’ve received so far. Please feel free to e-mail me at if you have something on your mind.

QUESTION: Will the top parts of the sanctuary windows be able to be opened without opening the entire top-to-bottom of the panel? I feel that the ventilation would be improved by being able to have a partial upper opening, without cooling the room from the floor on up.

ANSWER: You raise an important consideration in designing the new space. Fortunately, your thought has been incorporated into the design. There will be numerous upper windows that will be operable to allow fresh air to flow through the space. Further, there will be operable skylights on the roof that will help to increase airflow. Thank you, Dolly, for asking.

QUESTION: How is the Sanctuary Construction Committee (SCC) different from the Property Use Group (PUG)?

ANSWER: PUG was formed to review and supervise the general use of all our church property. This includes general maintenance and use of the property, improvements, allowed use during COVID, and budgetary responsibility for the same. PUG is responsible to the Board of Trustees for these functions. PUG has coordinated with the new sanctuary task force organized in 2018 prior to the congregation’s recent vote of approval to move ahead.

PUG is co-chaired by Tom and Nancy Loughrey. Members include Meg Wilson, Audrey Prosser, Barbara Morihiro, Linda Spery, Bob Loeschen, Debra Quam (ex officio member as president), Rev. Sian Wiltshire (ex officio member) and myself. Geoff and Yulis Ayton have provided technical advice and expertise as well.

The Sanctuary Construction Committee (SCC) is a subgroup of PUG with primary responsibility to work with the architect, contractors and others through the planning, demolition and construction process until the new sanctuary is completed. The SCC is comprised of Bob Loeschen, Nancy Loughrey, Barbara Morihiro, Debra Quam (ex officio member as president) and myself (serving as chairperson and primary contact with the architect and contractor).

Membership in both groups may change based on skills and needs as well as structural changes such as new officer elections in June.