Outcome of Special Congregational Meeting

Outcome of Special Congregational Meeting

A special congregational meeting was held January 19, 2020 for OCUUC members to vote on the following motion:

“Authorize the OCUUC Pledge Drive Committee and the New Sanctuary Task Force to move forward with a combined operating fund and capital fund campaign to determine the financial feasibility of replacing the building housing suites 3-5 with a new OCUUC sanctuary."

Prior to voting on the motion, Nancy Loughrey presented the Proposed New Sanctuary Report, prepared by the OCUUC Property Use Group (PUG).  Tom Loughrey also spoke about the role of the PUG which was formed in May of 2019 to provide guidance and strategy to the Board and congregation on the overall usage of OCUUC property.  Part of the role of PUG is to work with the New Sanctuary Task force to explore all options for increased Sunday meeting space.

After Nancy and Tom’s presentations, OCUUC Board of Trustees President, Debra Quam lead a question and answer session on the proposed motion.  After robust discussion, a vote was taken on the motion which passed by an overwhelming majority of votes.

The meeting was very well attended with 74 of OCUUC’s members in attendance.

Many thanks to Nancy and Tom for their presentations at the meeting, to Katherine Martin for running the audio visual, to Sarah Jones and Sarah Hunter for their work in preparing for the meeting, and to KarenKennedy, Peggy Hepler and Maria Goode for the special potluck meal. It’s easier to listen, participate, and vote when you have just had a good lunch.

With best wishes to you all,

Debra Quam