The Quakers are Moving In

The Quakers are Moving In

We have the very good news to share that OCUUC has signed a ten-year lease with the Orange County Friends Meeting (Quakers) for Suites 8 and 9 commencing June 1, 2020.  This wonderful news was first announced to the congregation at the February 16, 2020 Townhall meeting held after the Sunday service.

Let me give you some background on how this excellent arrangement for us and the Quakers has come to fruition.

In June of 2019 an OCUUC Property Use Group (PUG) was formed to provide strategy on the overall use of our OCUUC campus and to recommend those strategies to the Board of Trustees.  Members of the PUG are Co-Chairs Tom and Nancy Loughrey, Craig and Linda Spery, Debra Quam and Audrey Prosser, Meg Wilson, Barbara Morihiro and Geoff and Yulis Ayton.

One goal of the PUG was to find ways to build the Sanctuary and offset the loss of income during construction. As fate would have it, the Quakers contacted us looking for space to rent as their lease was expiring. This led The Property Use Group in the direction of the concept of making our entire property, including the for-profit rental building, into a “spiritual center”.   We have for several years now rented Suites 5 and 6A to the Christian Scientists. Now, with the addition of renting Suites 8 and 9 to the Quakers, we are well on our way to converting our campus to a spiritual center.

The Christian Scientists have always stated that their desire is to stay on the campus. The PUG has a strategy for them to stay on our campus when we come to the point of demolishing suites 3, 4 and 5 to make way for our anticipated new sanctuary building.

The increased rental rates over current leases may mean no loss of long-term revenue even if OCUUC retains one or more of the smaller suites in the current for-profit building for our own use.  This provides an option for meeting space to replace the meeting room in Suite 4.

Changing to all religious uses of the rental building means we will not lose this rental revenue during construction of the new sanctuary building since the usage needs of those tenants will be evenings and weekends.

Additionally, there will be a savings on our property taxes since we will be converting all of our property to non-profit usage. Many, many thanks to the members of PUG for their work on this project!  A significant amount of time, talent and effort has been devoted to making this happen.

The Quakers are a wonderful group of people and they are as thrilled as we are about them joining us on our campus.

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With best wishes to you all,

Debra Quam