Two Important Meetings

Two Important Meetings

We have two important meetings coming up in January to which all OCUUC members and friends are invited and are encouraged to attend.

  • Sunday, January 12 at noon in Daniels Hall a Power Point presentation will be shown about the new sanctuary project followed by Q&A. Please attend and bring your questions and comments.
  • Sunday, January 19 at noon in Daniels Hall a special Congregational meeting will be held to vote on the following:
    • Approval of the concept of replacing Suites 3-5 with a new sanctuary building.
    • Approval to move forward with the new sanctuary capital campaign.

Further details about these and other future new sanctuary meetings can be found elsewhere in this edition of the Reach.

I am predicting 2020 will be a great year for OCUUC. Here are some reasons I am optimistic about OCUUC’s upcoming year:

  • We have an inspirational, caring and compassionate Minister.
  • We have a great Religious Education Director, Music Director, Intern Minister and Staff.
  • We have a dedicated and hard-working Board of Directors.
  • We have talented people who step up to help with special projects, programs, and events.
  • We have a wonderful choir.

Now, I know when you start praising people, you run the risk of missing someone. So, if you are a member or friend of OCUUC, or an OCUUC staff member, I want you to know I appreciate everything each of you do to create and maintain our belovedcommunity. You are the ones who keep our church alive and thriving.

With gratitude and best wishes for 2020,

Debra Quam