Sian’s Shenanigans

Evil. *shudder* I don’t like to talk about evil, our worship theme this month. I prefer to talk about hope, love, compassion, or justice. I prefer to see the best in people – their inner beauty, their capacity for love, their “best self.” In fact, I pride myself on being able to do just that. I live with a pretty Pollyanna view of the world and that gets me through the tough days. But it also can keep me blind to the harsh realities of the world that evil does exist and that it needs to be addressed.

I’ve learned to appreciate over the years those that look at the world differently – who see the harsh realities, who might view people with more suspicion and distrust. It’s not that I want to walk through the world that way all the time, but I recognize that while I see the beauty, they see the ugliness that humanity also has. And both need to be named to see the whole person clearly. Otherwise we just have blinders on.

Where do you fall in that spectrum? Do you see the light or the darkness in people? Or both? How do you react to either? For example, do you try to encourage the light you see others? How do you handle the darkness? Do you run from it? Or try to heal it? Not easy questions to answer. This month, let’s explore the good, the bad and the evil in our lives. Let’s do it together!

I’ll see all you Souls of Light in church,

Rev. Sian