Getting Cozy

It’s getting awfully cozy in our sanctuary! Now that we are at one service, here are some tips that will help everyone get a good seat:

  1. Get there early. This last Sunday I noticed we were about 1/3 full 15 minutes prior to the service! People are there to see friends and to get a good seat. Come on down!
  2. Reserve the back seats against the wall for those with strollers, walkers, etc. But don’t block the aisles! We need to keep aisles clear for safety reasons.
  3. If you come late, you might need to go to our overflow room in the Conference Room. It’s located right in the middle of the RE/Admin building.
  4. Reserve seats with arm rests for those who need them. Some people have a harder time getting in and out of chairs and need those on the aisles with arm rests.
  5. Keep purses, books, or bags on the floor so people feel comfortable asking to sit next to you.
  6. If you see someone looking for a seat and there is one near you, give a wave and invite them to sit with you.
  7. And last, our ushers are there for your assistance. If you need help finding a seat, they can direct you.

This is one friendly and cozy church! In order to make sure everyone feels welcome coming through our doors, we need to make we are being welcoming. So don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to someone next to you and get to know some wonderful new people!

With love, Rev. Sian