Expectation and Faith

This month’s worship has two themes: Expectation and Faith. And of course, it got me thinking about how those two interplay together: What do we expect from our faith tradition of Unitarian Universalism? Is it there to solve all of our problems? Will going to church make me a better person? What do I expect from my church? From Unitarian Universalism?

I love this Faith tradition. It’s definitely for me. But it’s not perfect. And no Faith Tradition is. Like most, we strive to live our values in a world that offers up conflicting moral choices. Having not grown up in a church, there’s been a big learning curve to me about what it means to be part of a religious community and to live my values. But the one thing that keeps me going is the people. The more I get to know you, the more I love you. That’s the way of relationships –the deeper we go, getting beyond the “Hi-how-are-you—I’m-fine” conversations, the richer the relationships.

I’m now entering my 7th year with you all. And that relationship gets deeper and deeper.

Thank you!

Rev. Sian