Unitarian Universalism is all about belonging. That’s what creating the Beloved Community is all about, too. It’s about making sure that each person can find a place here, if they so choose – regardless of what they believe or who they are. That’s a tall order! It means that everyone (and I mean everyone) must play a part in creating that atmosphere. It requires a great deal of self-awareness, a desire to come from a place of love, curiosity and acceptance for others that we don’t always know how to express. After all, no one ever taught us this! Many of us were given the right mindset – be nice to others, don’t be prejudiced, be loving and accepting – but very few of us have ever actually learned how to make that happen.

That’s what church is for. Here we try to learn all the ways we can be more welcoming. And we try to practice it in everything we do. It isn’t easy and we stumble and sometimes outright fail. But we keep going forward, keep trying. Here is a place where you can find forgiveness and challenge, and love and hope. That’s the Beloved Community too!

With love,
Rev. Sian