October Sanctuary Update

October Sanctuary Update

As we get closer to the targeted date of early February 2022 when the demolition of the existing Suite 4 building is to take place, there are a number of tasks that are in need of completion. The construction committee continues to move forward on these requirements in collaboration with our architect, domusstudio.

Most importantly we are awaiting feedback on the Development Review Plan submitted last month to the City of Costa Mesa Department of Development Services. Once feedback is received we will work on any responses to questions the City has posed. Then we will move ahead with applying for the building permit. (The comprehensive design review application is a requirement for the building permit submittal application.)

Our sanctuary construction committee continued to meet with our architect on Zoom throughout October according to the project timeline, addressing all of the work to be completed at this stage of the project. Among our tasks is to continue to refine the choice of sound absorbing materials to enhance the acoustics of the space.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the project, please contact me at craigspery@aol.com.

Craig Spery is the chair of the sanctuary planning and construction committee