A Busy August for the New Sanctuary Team

A Busy August for the New Sanctuary Team

The Sanctuary Construction Committee continues this month to work with the consultants of its team to refine plans and make decisions to hold costs in line while ensuring the new building will meet the needs of the congregation now and in the future.

Last week the entire committee met with domus studio architect David Keitel and Hoffman & Associates construction supervisor John Pascale for a lengthy session to discuss where we are on the timeline and what we need to finalize so that we can go to the City of Costa Mesa for plan review.

This week a subgroup of the team, including Steve Morihiro and Beth Syverson, joined David Keitel and audio visual specialists Jake Hendricksen and Solomon Peck from Sound Images, our AV services provider in a deep drive into the specifics of the AV plan for the new sanctuary. After a three hour session, the Sound Images representatives took the feedback back to the drawing board to finetune their plan and respond to the group's valuable information.

Meanwhile the entire group has been reviewing the revised landscaping plan on their own and have provided feedback to domus studio on how the landscaping scheme works for our needs. The plan will need to be finalized in time to go to the City of Costa Mesa for review.

As always, please let me know if you have questions or concerns. I can be reached at craigspery@aol.com.

Craig Spery is the chair of the sanctuary planning and construction committee