What Helps You Heal?

What Helps You Heal?

Our church-wide theme this month is Healing. I can think of no better area of life to focus on post-election in our country, in the midst of a pandemic, and continuously for our Earth. Not to mention the personal work of healing from trauma, abuse or everyday bumps and bruises.

Contemplating healing in my own life, various spiritual practices like meditation and dream work have helped. I just learned with Youth Group a couple of Sundays ago that, not only being in nature, but simply watching nature videos, can heal. Being honest and listening deeply have curative powers and, every once in a while, miracles and grace enter unexpectedly.

What helps you heal? And how will you know when you are healed? How do we help our children heal and bounce back from adversity?

Over the course of the month at all levels of Religious Education/Exploration we will cover several topics: Don’t run away from the hard work of healing; Let gratitude heal you; Heal by telling the truth of Thanksgiving; Find way to comfort yourself.

Here are some great Thanksgiving resources from our friends at Soul Matters:

So, find out the true story of Thanksgiving, and leave the “Pilgrims and Indians” of the traditional version behind. All cultures celebrate a time of giving thanks, of gratitude expressed. Thanksgiving can also be a time of healing through the true story.

With love and gratitude,

Rev. Judy